The use of fargo printer

The fargo printer is mainly used in the corporate environment. When traffic is in a place with badge or card. These are usually found in the home or with security. Some of these printers are specifically designed to not take up too much space in these offices. They can be used to print a card for a casual visitor or a card for a worker. Most printers allow printing of plastic card in color. Some have the ability to print front / back, others are just the front. Using a tool on your computer, you create your badge or card and it will do more than print.

The advantage badges printed by the fargo printer

Fargo printed badges have the advantage of being used intensively by being inserted daily into a card reader without seeing the print fading. The mostly used technology is the thermal retransfer fargo id card printer sublimation. This technique ensures a good quality and accuracy of printing. Furthermore, the advantage is that the transfer is done quickly and is therefore suitable for businesses that regularly print cards or badges. For optimal use of these printers, it is recommended to use them with badges and plastic cards and combine them with badge holders to avoid losing or damaging them.


An error message ribbon sensor states that "The printer can’t find the next panel on the ribbon." This often means that the broken fargo printer ribbon or damaged and cause errors in the printer. To correct the error, open the front of the printer and remove the print ribbon Check the tape and look for wrinkles or breaks and repair as required for wrinkles, straighten the tape and rotate the take side up the cartridge to advance at least four panels past the damaged tape. For breaks, connect the two ends of the ribbon with a small piece of tape and wrap the tape at least four panels past the damage. Replace the ribbon in printer and press the "Resume" to continue printing. If you continue to receive the error message, replace the print cartridge with a new one.